When I was on Erasmus, studying Animation and Game in Hochschule Darmstadt, I created this game with my team. I was the vision keeper, main concept artist, 3D modeller and texture artist for this project. 

D.R.I.P. (Don't rest in peace)  is about two neighbours from two completely different worlds.

One is a mad scientist conducting experiments in his lab. 

The other is buried deep down underground. This character is called Drip. When the mad scientist is finished with his experiments, he flushes them

down the drain, not thinking of the consequences of his actions. Over time the chemicals in the experiments start to erode the pipes

underground and cause mutated mushrooms and bugs to appear. You are playing as Drip and it is your goal to journey up through the 

environment and confront the mad scientist. 

I used Substance Painter to create the textures for the 3D assets. 

I modelled the assets in Maya.


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