Digital Marketing

This page contains examples of digital marketing content I created for live case assignments.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

'Feel Confident About Your Accounts' Campaign Proposal 

During my masters, my team and I developed an integrated digital marketing campaign proposal for CHK Partnership. The goal of the campaign was to target start-up businesses in Cork and build trust. The main objectives were brand awareness and lead generation. As part of the campaign, I created a campaign video that promoted the brand's values and targeted small businesses. I created mock-up graphics to show the client what the social media content and bus shelter advertising would look like

Google Advertising

'Plant A Tree' Campaign Proposal

For my digital advertising module, I worked as part of a group, developing a proposal Google ad campaign for YAWUW.  My responsibility was creating the display adverts. I designed a plant a tree campaign that targeted nature enthusiasts in Ireland. The display ads promoted the brand's sustainable message and plant a tree project. I used Canva, After Effects and Premiere Pro to create the graphics.

' Your Summer Skincare' Display ad Proposal

As part of my digital advertising module, I created mock-up display ads for Brown Thomas. The campaign targets Irish Women who are going abroad this summer. The advert promotes Brown Thomas's SPF summer skincare range. I used Canva, After Effects and Premiere Pro to create the graphics.

Social Media Marketing

Social media Intern

During my master's, I worked in Silk Peaches as a social media marketing intern. I photographed and filmed products for their social media channels. I worked for this company as part of my action research project. My topic is on consumer brand engagement and content marketing. I created Reels, posts and interactive stories for the brand's Instagram account. The KPIs I used to measure the success of the campaign was engagement rate and traffic to website. I capture the content on my camera and iPhone. I edited using Canva and Photoshop.


Website Optimisation

I am a volunteer graphic designer for the Cork Nature Network. My main responsibilities include managing the website and creating graphics such as posters and videos. For my SEO module, I optimised 10 articles to increase page ranking on SERP. I conducted a keyword search and optimised the pages accordingly. I continue to optimise the website through on-page SEO. I recently redesigned the homepage and developed a membership page using WordPress. Here is a link to their website:

Brand Development

For my brand development module, I worked as part of a team to develop David Hogan's online brand. The class was broken in three groups: Brand development team, content team and event team. I worked on the content team, developing content for David's social media channels. We filmed and edited a series of videos and graphics. Communication was key in this project as we were working as a class and everyone needed to be on the same page. I communicated frequently with the client's and updated the class on requests from the client. Overall, the client was happy with the content produced. We developed a content plan that contains a strategy for growing followers and increasing engagement. Here is  the handle for the client's Instagram page: @Davidhoganmentor

My Personal Brand Development

During my master's, I developed my own personal brand for Katie Whelan Media.  I am a content creator and my core values are art and storytelling. My brand voice is friendly, enthusiastic and positive. I redesigned my logo and brand style guide. I loved drawing when I was a child and I remember falling in love with watercolours in secondary school. I wanted to incorporate my love of watercolour in my brand design as it marks the beginning of my career journey. 

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