Hello! My name is Katie Whelan and I am currently studying an MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy. I also have a 2.1 BA Honours degree in Creative Digital Media and a FETAC level 5 in Art, Craft & Design. 

During my undergrad, I developed my skills as a media student. I have worked with many group and individual projects. The projects ranged from short films, motion graphics, web design, short animations and game design. In my third year, I went on Erasmus for one semester and studied animation and game in Hochschule Darmstadt, in Germany.  I fell in love with creating 3D worlds that you could explore. As a storyteller, it is incredible to bring your characters and worlds to life using digital media. Game environments and virtual reality take it another step further. My FYP was called 'Mindful Bia' and it was a virtual reality exposure therapy tool designed to help people with eating disorders.

During my masters, I worked with clients to develop digital marketing campaigns for their business. My master degree taught me how to optimise websites for SEO and how to track a websites performance using Google Analytics. This course also taught me how to conduct market research, competitor analysis, create Google Ads and brand development.  My action research project is on consumer brand engagement and content marketing. I worked with a small retail business in Cork, developing content for their social media. I am investigating which type of content generates the highest consumer brand engagement in the Irish retail industry. 



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